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Your new favorite socks!


Traditional socks ruin a great outfit, and let's be honest... "no shows" always show or slip down and become annoying and uncomfortable. Put those pains to rest with FLAT SOCKS™!

These fun sock alternatives have a layer of foam for cushy comfort and are trim-to-fit, so they can be used in all your favorite shoes. The best part? Throw ‘em in the wash as often as you’d like.

  • NO STINK: Odor-control tech helps keep feet fresh
  • NO SWEAT: Moisture-wicking pulls sweat away
  • SOFT & CUSHY: Supportive foam makes every step comfy
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Throw ‘em in the washer & dryer, just like socks

Sizing Guide: We do not offer specific kid's sizing; however, all of our FLAT SOCKS™ are trim-to-fit. You can easily purchase a Small or Large pair and trim them down to fit any shoe size! Depending on the width of you child’s shoe, the Large FLAT SOCKS™ are wider than the Small FLAT SOCKS™ and could provide more coverage.

Women's Shoe Size Men's Shoe Size
Small  Up to size 11   Up to size 10
Large  Up to 15  Up to size 14



  • If possible, remove current insole in shoe and use as a trim guide for FLAT SOCKS™.
  • If you can’t remove shoe insole, use trim guides on the back of the FLAT SOCKS™ to trim to the right size.

Care Instructions: machine wash cold with like colors, no bleach, tumble dry.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 100% Polyurethane Foam
  • Made in China



1. How do I trim FLAT SOCKS™ for my shoes?

  • EASIEST OPTION: If your shoe has a removable insole, take it out and use it as a guide to cut your new FLAT SOCKS™. This will ensure your perfect fit. NEXT EASIEST OPTION (only other option): The shoes your wearing don’t have a removeable insole, first, complain. THEN, count your blessings and flip your FLAT SOCKS™ over to find our trim guide on the back. Use this to cut down to your size!

2. Are FLAT SOCKS™ machine washable?

  • Yes, you wash them on a regular cycle with like-colors. 

3. How much room will FLAT SOCKS™ take up in my shoes?

FLAT SOCKS are designed to take up the same amount of room, or less, than boring socks. The actual thickness of the FLAT SOCKS™ differs slightly by material, please see chart below for exact measurements:

Product Dimensions**
Small Terry 11-5/8th in. long X 3-3/8th in. wide X 3/16th in. thick
Large Terry 12-5/16th in. long X 3-3/4th in. wide X 3/16th in. thick
Small Mesh 11-5/8th in. long X 3-3/8th in. wide X ­­1/8th in. thick 
Large Mesh 12-5/16th in. long X 3-3/4th in. wide X 1/8th in. thick 
Small Wool 11-5/8th in. long X 3-3/8th in. wide X 3/16th in. thick
Large Wool 12-5/16th in. long X 3-3/4th in. wide X 3/16th in. thick

**The length and width are at the longest point and widest point of the FLAT SOCKS™. The longest point for length is from heel-to-toe and the widest point is at the ball-of-foot.

4. What is the difference between the Terry, Mesh and Wool materials?

Material Non-Technical Technical
Terry closest material to a traditional sock; creates a plush environment for the foot 100% Polyester 2mm microfiber Terry; considered a 3D textile due to its many soft protruding threads; base cushion of 100% polyurethane foam (PU)
Mesh very similar to the mesh you find in athletic shoes; comfy and breathable 100% Polyester BK Mesh; a tighter knit material that is lower profile, can be considered more breathable due to the pattern woven into the knit; base cushion of 100% polyurethane foam (PU)
Wool soft and cushy material; breathable yet slightly warmer 100% Polyester Micro Wool; synthetic microwool is a non-woven textile that has a lower profile than regular wool’s and fur’s; base cushion of 100% polyurethane foam (PU)

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